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Experience the speed and thrills of our all-electric indoor go-kart track!

Activity Details


$10 to drive • Free to ride

Requires Play Card or Wristband

Passes that include this activity:

✔ Ride & Play ✔ Ride & Play PLUS

Must be 58" to drive or 36" with licensed driver. Driving with a passenger? Bring your License!

Must be able to securely fit into ride vehicle and restraint. Seat belt extenders are available for guests of larger size or height, however, we cannot guarantee accommodation by the ride vehicle for all guests.

Closed-toe shoes recommended. No loose articles or clothing. Hair longer than shoulder-length must be secured.

Do not participate if you have a history of health conditions including, but not limited to: back, neck, spinal injuries, a history of seizures and/or blackouts, heart conditions, pregnancy, or are on any medications/substances which preclude you from operating heavy equipment or vehicle, alter your perception, or slow your reaction time.

Guests must be able to understand and follow all instructions of track attendants and park management.

Drivers that desire to operate a Double Kart with a passenger must present a VALID DRIVER'S LICENSE to the track attendant each race.

Remain seated in your car with your seat belt/safety harness on at all times until instructed by track attendants to exit. Do not leave your vehicle or unfasten your safety harness at any time during the race or in the pit area (unless instructed to do so by park staff).

Drivers must keep both hands on the steering wheel. the use of portable devices including, but not limited to: cell phones, iPod/music devices, or cameras is prohibited while driving.

No loose articles of clothing. All personal possessions and hair longer than shoulder-length must be secured. No scarves or hats allowed. We are not responsible for any items lost or damaged on our attractions.

NO CONTACT IS ALLOWED! Incidental contact may result in halting of the race and issuing a warning to all cars initiating contact. Additional incidents of contact, aggressive/intentional contact, or a driver that track attendants deem unable to safely operate his or her vehicle, will be prohibited from driving a go-kart.


Get UNLIMITED ACCESS to Non-Ticket Video Games, Go-Karts, Laser Tag, Clip 'n Climb, Sky Trail & Zip Line with Ride & Play PLUS!

Waiver Required for Attractions

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